Seven Signs You're Definitely a Michigander

Seven Signs You're Definitely a Michigander

What makes someone a Michigander is different for everyone, but if these things are true for you there's no doubt of your heritage. 

1.You call it "Pop".

Emily Wing Photography 

You know exactly what flavors like Red Pop and Rock n’ Rye taste like, and you’d never dream of calling them “Soda”.


2.You went on a school field trip here:


And Here:


We all thought the exhibits were cool, but a trip to the gift shop for flattened pennies, rock candy, and giant jaw breakers was a must.


3. Your mother swore this would “settle your stomach”.


No sick day home from school was complete without Vernors ginger ale.


4. You know what a pasty is.

A trip over the Mackinac bridge requires a stop for these classic meat pies.


5. You know how to pronounce "Tahquamenon" and "Mackinac".

In spring, traffic on the Mackinac Bridge begins to increase as tourists head north to the Upper Peninsula to see the Soo Locks, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and Michigan State Parks. (MDOT photo)

And you’ve been to both on a trip to see “the colors”.


6. You find this acceptable when the temperature is over 40 degrees:


Alright, so you might not find shorts in the snow acceptable, but you still expect to see it on those melty March days.


7. You buy your groceries from "Kroger's" and your car from "Ford's".

A Kroger in Dearborn, Mich. Kroger is paying $2.44 billion for 212 Harris Teeter stores, and intends to learn the freshness techniques for which Harris Teeter is known.

There’s no telling why Michiganders make these nouns possessive, but you know you're a Michigan native if you do.


Katie Wing

Your store is wonderful. I moved from Westland, Mi to Oscoda, Mi. and love our beautiful state. I’m grateful you have shipment available for your products.

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