Haunted Travels of Michigan Volume II


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Bev Rydel and Kat Tedsen return to investigating Michigan's most haunted locations in Haunted Travels of Michigan, volume 2 For this second book in the series, the authors have traveled across Michigan conducting paranormal investigations to identify the truth behind urban legends, ghost stories, and suspect hauntings. Their travels have taken them from urban settings to remote regions to find the answers. Investigations and stories in their second book delve into some of Michigan's greatest disasters, unsolved murders, demons and deliverance. Of course for authors, Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, it's not just about the haunting but the history that creates the haunting. Months of research have been spent to search for the historical truth and how it may related to the haunted evidence. What they found was revealing and unexpected. Something does exist out there...something that can't be explained...something paranormal. To give the reader a full, three-dimensional sense of the investigation and results, this book is Web interactive. Read the story, visit their Web site's Secret Room, review the evidence, and decide for yourself. This book features "The Holly Demon." This story was adapted for SyFy's Paranormal Witness TV Series. "Lady on the Stairs" episode aired September 2012.