Murdick's Fudge


One Slice

Chocolate – The Purist's FudgeFew things can satisfy a sweet tooth like pure chocolate - and that's what traditional, plain Chocolate fudge delivers. With each bite you get an addictively dense hit of straight milk chocolate flavor that, like any good chocolate, coats the tongue with cream and lingers for a long, sweet finish.

Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt – Sweet & Savory: One of the most decadent combinations, our Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt marries the nuances of dark chocolate with an addictive kick of sea salt. This one is for the serious chocolate lovers since it features the roasty notes of chocolate. Meanwhile, a creamy layer of caramel runs through the center offering a subtle thread of amped-up sweetness.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – The Perfect Pairing: There are two well-defined textures in our classic Chocolate Peanut Butter combination: the soft, nutty peanut butter layering against the firmer chew of chocolate. The two mingle together perfectly — not too sweet with just a hint of salt.

Chocolate Walnut – Love A Nut Today: Distinctly nutty and earthy, our Chocolate Walnut delectable bite is packed with chunks of walnut, which offer a nice foil to the dark, bitter sweetness of the chocolate base.

Chocolate Cherry – Handpicked Heaven: A deep and sultry tart taste, Michigan cherries are the very first thing you notice when you bite into this succulent combination of our Chocolate Cherry flavors. The chocolate plays a supporting role by offering up just a hint of sweetness underneath the high notes of this seasonal stone fruit.

Turtle – Slooow Good: The caramel in our Turtle fudge lends a sticky-sweet and totally addictive undertone to this popular treat. Roughly chopped pecans almost melt on impact, lending the smallest amount of chew to the enjoyment. A milky chocolate base ties it all together.

Peanut Butter – Simply Perfect: Like a bite of peanut butter straight off the spoon, our Peanut Butter fudge hits you right in the comfort zone. Glossy and smooth, a piece of this fudge offers a subtle touch of that nutty, familiar flavor.