Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-Erh Fraser Tea


Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-erh Tea is a fusion of cocoa nibs, spicy chili peppers, and delicate, sweet oranges combined to craft a flavor sensation with maximum health benefits. Striking a delicate balance between heat and sweetness, spicy chocolate chai is a smooth and flavorful tea that supports weight management and wellness.  Enjoy any time.  Try it as-is or add milk and sugar.

Flavor Notes: Enticing dark chocolate and spicy flavor with smooth orange aroma.

Ingredients: Puerh Tea*, Cinnamon*, Cocoa Nibs*, Orange Peel*, Organic Flavors*, Red Chili Pepper*, Peppercorn*, Ginger*, Cardamom Seed*

*Certified Organic

Caffeine: 60 mg